Interest Groups

Clinical Toxicology

The Clinical Toxicology Interest Group at ESEM, aims at develoing clinical toxicology resources accessible to UAE medical students, residents in training, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and the public. At a larger scale pursue providing access to every citizen and resident of UAE to expert care from a qualified clinical toxicologist. Members will be encouraged to present educational topics of interest, present or engage in active research, and take part in clinical toxicology workshops. It is open to all ESEM members who are active in or interested in becoming involved in clinical toxicology or research.


  1. Enhance the medical toxicology knowledge and skills of ESEM members including physicians, residents in training, paramedics and nurses.
  2. Further research publications and stimulate research opportunities of clinical toxicology.
  3. Raise the public’s awareness of clinical toxicology.
  4. Create networking opportunities to create great collaborations between members and toxicologists of the region.
  5. Support training and toxicology curriculum guidelines for emergency medicine residency training programs.