ESEM Participates in PATOS

The Pan-Asia Trauma Outcomes Study (PATOS) was proposed in 2013 and initiated in November 2015 in order to establish a collaborative standardized study to measure the capabilities, processes and outcomes of trauma care throughout Asia. The PATOS is an international, multi-centre, and observational research network to collect trauma cases transported by emergency medical services (EMS) providers.

In these unprecedented circumstances, the 6th PATOS Research workshop was virtually held between the 24th -25th of Aug and ESEM was invited to be part of the program, represented by Dr Omar Ghazanfar. A significant proportion of the discussion was involved in detailing the epidemiology of trauma in the context of COVID-19. Several upcoming webinars were also proposed and discussions were held on ongoing research projects as well as the challenges of research in the current environment.