Educational Research


The mission of the ESEM Educational Research Interest Group is to facilitate collaboration and mentorship in medical education research. This will be accomplished by fostering a community of support and open dialogue for medical educators and education researchers. Supporting and encouraging the development new educational research projects. Providing mentorship and education for educators seeking to design, fund, and publish education projects and research.
Evidence Based Healthcare is the applied concept of merging healthcare professional expertise, research, and patient priorities/circumstances via a defined process of finding, appraising, and employing clinical science at the bedside using robust research methodology. ESEM aims to provide a network of expertise from the emergency medicine community in the UAE to serve as a forum for research, education, and clinical practice.

ESEM-Affiliated Publications

Textbook of Emergency and Trauma Care

Editor in chief: Devendra Richhariya
Co-Editors: Saleh Fares, Khusrav Bajan Sudhir S Pawaiya


Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Editors: Arif Alper Cevik, Lit Sin Quek, Abdel Noureldin, Elif Dilek Cakal

Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Handbook

Rasha Buhumaid

Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine

Pediatric Emergency Medication Handbook

Rasha Buhumaid, Jabeen Fayyaz

Recent Publications