UAE becomes the first Arab nation to pass a ‘Good Samaritan Law’

Working closely with the Ministry of Health, ESEM proposed a draft for the ‘Good Samaritan Law’ which has been approved by the President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan as federal law. Developed from the international ‘Good Samaritan Law’, it has been tailored for the UAE and states that “no criminal or civil appeal shall be made to any person who has provided, in good faith, assistance or relief to another person who is in an emergency”. It allows bystanders to offer aid in medical emergencies without fear of legal consequences.

ESEM hopes that, with community training in first aid, the outcomes will continue to improve. Receiving widespread public acceptance in the region, the law will boost survival rates and encourage the public to provide assistance before an ambulance arrives as every second matters in life-threatening situations.